‘Gossip Girl’ season 6, episode 9 review: Dan’s move set up the series finale

Dan“Gossip Girl” season 6 is near an end; and luckily, so is the battle between Chuck and Bart Bass. Just when it was looking as though all hope was lost that Chuck and Blair were going to be together, they received some help from what may very well be the most unlikely source imaginable: Dan Humphrey.

So did Dan’s grand gesture make up for all of his many mistakes? Not exactly, and who can really be surprised by this? After all, it’s hard to come back from publishing scathing comments in a tell-all. Dan’s move here was really just a way to set up an ultimate showdown between father and son following a “plane crash” that was supposedly set up to ensure the younger member of the Bass family lost his life so that he could not be a problem anymore. (More on this in a bit.)

While Chuck was standing face-to-face with his father, Dan was trying desperately to win Serena back before she made a move to Los Angeles, with his primary argument being that he still loves her no matter what he has done, and he just lost track of that courtesy of his evil phase. While this did not work out well for him at all, he did plant something in Serena’s bag that represents one thing for those still shipping the couple: hope.

We have to spend at least a few seconds talking about Nate here, who had some touching moments with his father after seeing his entire career completely go to shambles courtesy of an arrest at Bart’s hand. Can Nate really start over? Strangely, it looks like he is going to be doing so by going straight back to his past … and his attempts to take down Gossip Girl for good.

Now, let’s go back to Chuck and Bart, mostly because this episode had quite possibly the most melodramatic ending ever (and surely intentionally so). As the two got into a heated argument, Bart seemingly plunged to his death off of the side of a building … or did he? It just felt too easy, too cheesy, and too strange of a way for him to go. Sadly, we’re going to have to wait until the series finale courtesy of that pesky “to be continued” note at the end.

What did you think about this episode? If you want to check out some more of the latest “Gossip Girl” series finale scoop, be sure to head over to the link here.

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