Yellowstone season 4: Could it reference upcoming prequel series?

Yellowstone season 3Yellowstone season 4 will hopefully be premiering on the Paramount Network later this year and if you didn’t know, there’s more good stuff coming within this franchise!

Recently, it was announced that the upcoming Paramount+ streaming service is going to have a prequel entitled Yellowstone: 1883, one that chronicles the early days of the Dutton family in Montana. It’s a chance to tell a story that is even more rugged and trying, back when battles over territory were very much different than what we see on the show now.

Because we’re talking about a time period almost 140 years in the past, it goes without saying that this show isn’t going to be doing some straight-up crossover. We also don’t think that we’re suddenly going to see an abundance of flashbacks.

So what is a little more possible in our mind? We wouldn’t be shocked if moving forward, we at least hear some references to past family struggles or ways to subtly reference more of the early days of the Duttons in Montana. It’s almost planting the seed into your head where it can sprout a little more later. Because this show isn’t airing on the linear network, Paramount will probably need to be creative in its marketing. If the prequel is never directly referenced on the show, imagine a bunch of promos and teases for it over the course of season 4 this summer. Even if it’s not coming out for some time, the goal is to drum up excitement early.

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Think about it like this: Even if Yellowstone: 1883 generates half the total audience of the flagship, it will still be considered a hit. This is why we think Taylor Sheridan and the network will do their part, whether it be in season 4 or down the road, to hint at some great stories from the past … ones that you will want to see in greater depth.

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