Magnum PI season 3 episode 9 sneak peek: Can Higgins escape?

Magnum PITomorrow night marks Magnum PI season 3 episode 9, and we should also go ahead and note the danger that Juliet Higgins is in. She’s going to find herself captured within this episode, and will do virtually everything within her power to get out of this situation.

This is the thing about Higgins: She’s not going to sit around and wait for someone else to save her. After all, she knows that she’s more than capable of helping herself. In the sneak peek below, that is precisely what she does. Perdita Weeks’ character does everything in her power to escape her captivity; she does some nifty moves to leave the house she’s stored in. She actually almost gets away! The big problem that she ran into here is that she didn’t see the electric fence coming.

So why are these people holding Higgins in the first place? It’s tied to a case that Magnum took on back when he first arrived on the island; consider this a retaliation against him. We’re going to see Thomas go to some great lengths in order to get “Higgy” back; we can all debate as to whether or not he has romantic feelings for her, but we know that he cares for her. She’s more than just a partner/her new-found boss; she’s one of his best friends. He needs her, so he’s going to enlist some help to ensure that she is okay.

If you love Magnum PI, then there is a pretty good chance that you’re going to enjoy this thoroughly. It’s going to be one of the more action-packed installments that we’ve seen, and that’s without even mentioning the high stakes or emotional moments. It’s going to be tough on Magnum knowing that Higgins is gone … and also that he may be responsible for it to some degree.

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