‘Duck Dynasty’ midseason review: Why we can’t stop watching the Robertsons

Duck DynastyWhen we first heard about “Duck Dynasty” we weren’t sure what to expect since there are so many reality shows focused on  families right now, but after watching only a few minutes of the first season we quickly realized that there was something very special about this show that set it apart from the rest.

It wasn’t surprising to hear that “Duck Dynasty” was not only renewed for a second season, but that A&E ordered double the episodes from season 1. The show is funny, smart and the ratings just keep climbing higher and higher every week beating out every mainstream network show in it’s Wednesday night time slot. So what is it about this show that sets it apart from the rest?  Well it’s really all about the Robertson family.  Willie is the glue that tries to keep the family on track when it comes to the family duck call business, but when you’re working with family, nothing really seems to go the way you want it to and when things go south how do you really put the hammer down on your brother or your uncle?

The dynamics between Willie and his brother Jase are really what pushes “Duck Dynasty” season  2 higher then last season. Jase is pushing the envelope further when it comes to his brother and Willie continues to play the straight man to get Jase back on track.  While it seemed that A&E was really hoping that Willie was going to be the star of the show, Jase has been the biggest break out reality star since Jon and Kate Gosselin (except without the crazy and way funnier). Close on Jase’s tail is his uncle Si, who has become wackier every single week (if you missed the Christmas special where Si dressed up as an elf and handed out tape guns as presents to kids you need to stop what you’re doing and go watch that right now). What’s really interesting about Jase and Si’s stars rising is that while Si seems to be embracing the fame, Jase looks to be shying away from it.

There’s also something very special about Phil and Miss Kay that we can’t get on any other reality show out there right now and that’s real honest love. While many reality shows these days are focused on drama, boozing and partying, Phil and Miss Kay bring a wholesome, honest flavor to TV that has been sorely lacking these past few years. TV watchers seem to be getting sick of the same old thing when it comes to reality TV and that’s why a series that focuses on a family bonding, working and loving each other is so refreshing and is pulling in millions of viewers every week.

“Duck Dynasty” season 2 will be returning to A&E in early 2013 – Will you be watching?

Photo: A&E

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