Big Sky episode 9: Is Rick Legarski dead — for real this time?

Tonight’s Big Sky episode 9 was set up to be the last episode for a good while, and clearly, the writers wanted to go out in a big way.

Here’s a headline that you’ve probably seen before, though — Rick Legarski is dead. Here’s the twist: It’s for real this time. The first time we thought John Carroll Lynch’s baddie was gone, it was after Cassie shoot him in the head. Somehow, he lived! This time around, though, Merilee beat him with a hammer in the hospital — a line that almost sounds straight out of Clue. She recognized everything that he’d done to others; not only that, but what he tried to do to her. She wasn’t going to take it anymore and she took matters into her own hands once she realized that he remembered far more than he was letting on.

Merilee was caught in the act, but we honestly don’t think that she cared all that much. This was more about vengeance than anything else. Legarski is gone, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about that. (Of course, we do think that Lynch is a brilliant actor, even if a lot of his characters tend to get killed off.)

So what else happened in this episode? Cassie and Jenny did everything in their power to save the kidnapped boy, but also to track down Ronald in the process. Doing this was no easy task. As a matter of fact, they were not successful in their pursuit of him for the time being. This means that the show does still have one Big Bad, and we have to imagine that he is as desperate as he’s ever been (if not more).

How long can the show keep this Ronald-on-the-run story going? We do wonder that, but at least we can cross one villain off the list for now.

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