The Resident season 4: Where is Morris Chestnut, Barrett Cain now?

Barrett CainTonight on The Resident season 4 episode 6, there were some new questions — but also plenty of old ones when it comes to Barrett Cain.

So where is Morris Chestnut’s character now? The last we saw him, he was shipped off to the same place he used to send some of his own old patients. It was a dose of karma for a character who was manipulative, power-hungry, and overall unlikable. It still remains to be seen if this is someone who can ever earn redemption if and when he comes out of his current state.

Ultimately, what we think the writers are doing in keeping Cain away is allowing for some other stories to take center stage — plus, showing the seriousness of his own condition. This is not one of those situations that gets better in a week or even a month. Maybe it changes him and allows him to have empathy. Or, maybe it does nothing. In some cases, we’ve seen that there is way for a metaphorical tiger to change their stripes.

For the time being, we’ve seen little evidence that Chestnut is leaving the show — with that in mind, it’s fair to guess that Barrett will rear his head again eventually. He’s even featured in the opening title sequence! Our question is when that will be, and precisely what Cain 2.0 will look like. If he comes back, Chastain is not going to look or feel anything similar to what it did back in season 3; it’s transitioning into a public hospital now, and that is something that carries with it a unique set of priorities. Cain’s priority in the past, meanwhile, was getting patients in and out and trying to earn as much favor with Red Rock as humanly possible.

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