Who is Nasir Ahmed? About the This Is Us season 5 episode 8 dedication

This Is Us season 2Who is Nasir Ahmed? What about his wife Esther? Tonight’s new episode of This Is Us dedicated the episode to these two. Their love story played out on the screen, leading to a number of people wondering what was going on.

Yet, at the conclusion of the episode, the producers made it clear — without Nasir Ahmed, the technology we use for video-calls may not even exist. He was a pioneer for the discrete cosine transform, which is used in a wide array of image and video-compression systems. It’s something that almost every computer users has at their disposal on a daily basis. Because this is a show about family and loved stories, they found a way to tell his own story through their signature lens.

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Do we think that these two will ever be referenced again on the series? Probably not, but that is not exactly the point. The goal here instead is that we appreciate those who have a positive impact on our lives and have gratitude — we can’t take advantage of things we’ve become so accustomed to using on a daily basis. (With all of this being said, we wish that the show had revealed what was going on with Nasir sooner — we spent the better part of the episode wondering if these two were somehow connected to the Big Three and the stories going on over the course of tonight.)

As for some other key events of this episode, Kate and Toby have officially adopted Hailey Rose, who we’ve already seen in the flash-forwards. Meanwhile, Madison gave birth to twins named Francis and Nicholas — we know both of them are around in the future, but Madison herself is still MIA.

What do you think about how This Is Us honored Nasir Ahmed and Esther tonight?

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