Your Honor season 2: Are new episodes being considered at all?

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Following the closing minutes of the finale, it’s only inevitable that you would want a Your Honor season 2 on the air. Think about what you saw happen to Adam — the shooting is tragic, Shakespearean, and it brings much of the story full-circle. It was an accident that sparked everything with this series, and it is Adam being an accidental target that ties it all together.

We can imagine a season 2 where Bryan Cranston’s Michael mourns what happens, and deals the karmic nature of what happened after he spent so long presiding over Carlo’s trial. So can the folks behind the scenes of the show imagine something similar? We should make it clear — Your Honor was billed as a limited series, and as we wrote over the weekend, there are no immediate plans for more episodes.

Yet, executive producer Peter Moffat noted to Deadline over the weekend that he has at least considered what the future holds:

The honest answer to that is, what kind of writer would you be if you wrote and spent two and a half years working on something, written 10 hours of television, and hadn’t given another thought to what would happen if there were an episode 11 and beyond? You’d be a strange human being if you could just drop everybody at the end of 10 hours. So, of course I’ve thought about it, and of course, I have several hundred good ideas, but that’s a description of where I’m at in my head.

Ultimately, this is just one of those things we’ll take a wait-and-see approach on. Cranston hasn’t done a two-season series since his time on Breaking Bad, so he would likely think carefully before signing on to do more here. Much of it could depend on the story.

Do we think that Showtime would be eager to have more episodes on the air? We have to imagine so, given the attention Your Honor gave them and the momentum it built up over the course of the year. With Shameless ending, they could also use more stable hits. Dexter may be coming back, but it looks like a one-season revival and that’s it.

What do you want to see when it comes to a Your Honor season 2?

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