The Rookie season 3 episode 5: Is Officer Doug Stanton gone?

Entering tonight’s new episode of The Rookiewe were concerned that something terrible could happen to Jackson West. It was clear that Doug Stanton would do what he could to wreck his life and career — he had proven himself to be violent, racist, and unwilling to follow any rules while out in the field.

So while Jackson ended up beaten and hurt at the end of this episode, he’s going to be okay. As for Doug, some body-cam footage helped to prove that he was at the end of his road. There was video proof that Stanton did nothing after seeing Jackson attacked, and that was enough for Sgt. Grey to be able to act and put him on administrative leave. His gun and badge are gone, and if Grey has his way, he will never work again as a Los Angeles police officer.

The Rookie did a good job of showing that when it comes to removing a bad cop, it’s never an easy thing to do — even if they are clearly and obviously terrible. This describes Doug Stanton perfectly. At least tonight showed how willing and brave both Jackson and Grey were to take on someone who thought he had all of the power.

As for some other big developments, tonight also marked a huge decision for John Nolan when it comes to his own future. After spending most of the episode with his life on the line, and seeing what Jackson went through with Stanton, he decided that he wants to become a training officer. His goal is to try and help teach future cops the right way of doing things — the last thing anyone should want is more bad cops out there influencing officers in training.

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