Is Perdita Weeks leaving Magnum PI? Is Juliet Higgins dead? (Season 3)

Juliet Higgins - Perdita WeeksIs Perdita Weeks leaving Magnum PIand are the show’s producers really about to kill off a fan favorite character in Juliet Higgins? After watching the season 3 episode 9 promo, it’s understandable that you would worry.

In the promo, it is clear that Higgins was taken by someone — Magnum and Rick find her phone, and they also discover some blood on the scene. Who would do this? The synopsis for this episode hints that it will be tied to an early case that Magnum and Higgins took on, so it’s most likely someone out for revenge. It’s an extremely dangerous situation, mostly since we don’t know how desperate the person responsible is.

Here’s the good news for Magnum and Higgins collectively: This person is probably not out to kill her right away. If that was the goal, they would have already done that. The more likely idea here is that there’s some sort of ransom. Maybe it’s tied to money (not that Magnum has a lot of that), or maybe there’s some other favor that they want. Magnum will probably have a little bit of time to figure out his next move.

For now, we’ve heard nothing that suggests that Weeks (an original series regular) is leaving the show. Doing that in the middle of the season would completely derail almost everything the writers are doing. We’ve invested all of this time in the Magnum/Higgins relationship — why put the brakes on it now? We just have a hard time seeing it. There’s also been zero buzz about it in the press … so we’re cautiously optimistic she will survive.

With that being said, the larger question we’re left to wonder right now is this: Is there some other impact this episode will have on Higgins’ life? Provided she makes it through, it’s possible that she’ll have a slightly different view of the world.

Do you think that Higgins could die on Magnum PI, or that Perdita Weeks could leave the show?

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