Magnum PI season 3 episode 8: Magnum & Higgins’ cone of silence

Magnum PIOn tonight’s Magnum PI season 3 episode 8, we had something that we certainly do not see every day: Higgins apologizing to Magnum. Typically, it’s the other way around. Yet, we would consider this an important step forward in their relationship, as the two had a more open conversation about what they mean to each other.

Let’s lay the groundwork for how this moment began. Earlier on in the episode, Higgins had a conversation with Ethan about Magnum’s recent troubles sleeping at night. Was she trying to help? Absolutely. Ethan’s a doctor, and she wants her partner and good friend to be okay. The problem Magnum had with it after the fact was this: He felt like he had a “cone of silence” with Higgins. If he told her something, he expected that it would remain with her. He didn’t need Ethan to know about some of what the two talk about.

After Magnum explained himself to her at the end of the episode, she understood and apologized. Yet, she also mentioned to him that he’s inevitably going to come up in conversations with her boyfriend. As she put it, he’s a huge part of her day and of her life. She values him, so it’s extremely tough for her to not have a conversation with Ethan without mentioning him.

Coming out of this conversation, we think Magnum and Higgins are going to be closer than they’ve ever been before. While it’s unclear as to whether or not the two will ever be romantic, their partnership can move forward with a new-found degree of trust. It is important to keep that cone of silence intact — after all, you don’t quite know who else is going to flutter in and out of your life. There’s no guarantee Higgins stays with Ethan in the future.

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