This Is Us season 5 episode 8 spoilers: What’s next for Madison?

This Is UsThis Is Us season 5 episode 8 is poised to air on NBC in just a matter of days, and all signs point to this being one that pulls at all the heartstrings.

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The first thing worth noting here is the title: “In the Room.” This is the episode where Madison gives birth, or at least that’s what it seems. The photo above shows the character still in the hospital — it’s not clear if this is before or after her birth, but you can see Madison focusing on something. Maybe it’s a tablet or some other screen — or, maybe she’s having a conversation with someone who is off-camera. We know that the twins survive; they are there in the flash-forward. We just don’t know if Kevin makes it to the room in time, or what happens to Madison down the road. We’ve heard all of the rumors out there that Madison is going to die, but we’re not sure that this happens. She may have just been off-screen in the future timeline; or, it’s possible that she and Kevin are no longer together.

We hope that with this birth comes some sort of revelation on the future; only time will tell.

The other mystery that exists within this episode is what happens with Kate, and there is no clear answer on that subject right now. Our hope is that she is able to complete her adoption; we’re a little more worried that the surprise within this episode comes in that story. After all, it’s been a little under-the-radar the past couple of episodes and that always makes us concerned.

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