NCIS season 18: How did Jimmy Palmer’s wife Breena die?

Palmer -NCIS season 18 delivered one of the most gut-wrenching moments ever tonight, as Jimmy Palmer lost his wife Breena. What made it so hard was just how sudden it was, and also how relatable to a lot of people out there suffering.

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The pandemic is serious business; hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost. What NCIS was likely looking to do within this story is showcase the truth of the virus. It would make sense that it would impact a team member closely. Breena did die of the virus, though it was an interesting choice by the writers to not directly name it. They told a story about the virus while trying to not specifically label it as much as possible. It was a difficult line for them to toe.

In general, this episode was a painful one — and we’re sure that it will be polarizing to some people out there. The truth is, not everyone wants to see stories about the pandemic right now. Yet, to not address it at all would be bizarre for NCIS, given that both other shows in the franchise have. We can’t speak to whether or not we’ll live in this timeline forever, but the writers clearly wanted to spend at least one episode looking at the impact this virus had on these agents’ lives. Jimmy’s struggle is not going to be one that goes away quickly; he will continue to struggle with his grief for some time.

We congratulate Brian Dietzen and the writers for taking this story on, painful as it may be to do.

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Were you surprised that NCIS chose to kill off Jimmy Palmer’s wife in this way?

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