NCIS season 18 episode 7 sneak peek: Is Sloane distracted on the job?

Maria BelloFor those wondering whether NCIS season 18 episode 7 could address the impending exit of Maria Bello as Jack Sloane, we now have another clue.

In the video below, you can see a sneak preview all about the character. Vance is with her as she tries to do her job of profiling someone brought in for questioning. Yet, as she does that Leon can figure out that something is wrong — she’s distracted. It’s clear that something is on her mind, but she isn’t saying what that something is.

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This scene is the second time in the past two episodes that something has been off with Sloane. If you remember back in episode 6, there was a clear moment where it looked like she was struggling with something. That is still there, and it’s curious why she isn’t sharing it with anyone — even Gibbs.

For those who have been following the news of Bello’s departure, you may know that episode 8 is supposedly going to be her final one on the show — pending some sort of last-minute change that no one knows about just yet. What the NCIS writers are probably doing with this sneak peek is presenting a story that builds up to her departure, that way it doesn’t come as out of the blue as it would otherwise. There are all sorts of reasons why Jack could leave, whether it be a new opportunity elsewhere or a chance to spend more time with her family. We could see her daughter moving somewhere else and her wanting to be close to her after just getting her back in her life.

So long as NCIS doesn’t kill Sloane off, we’ll be happy — and we don’t know why they’d want to do that at this point.

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