Power Book II: Ghost season 2: How large will Jabari’s death loom?

Power Book II: Ghost season 1As we prepare to dive more into Power Book II: Ghost season 2, there is one big mystery that is absolutely on our mind. Of course, it ties back to one of the biggest events of the season 1 finale: The death of Jabari.

When Tariq opted to kill him, he recognized that doing so would have consequences. This is someone who was a professor of his, and a guy who tried to steer him in a certain direction. Yet, Tariq realized pretty quick that this was not someone who he could let live the moment that he learned he was writing a book based in part on him — he couldn’t serve as anyone’s muse.

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Taking out Tariq is a move that made sense for him in his mind. But what does it mean? First and foremost, Tariq is going to have to find a way to keep attention off of him back at school. Everyone’s going to be asking questions, with Carrie being at the top of the list. She’s already connected Zeke with Monet and the entire Tejada crime family, and it may not take her a ton of time to figure out some other key clues. That’s someone Tariq may have to contend with in due time.

To go along with that, another big priority may just be keeping Cane quiet — he knows what Tariq did. He saw it! This is a guy who has been out for Tariq for a while and now, he has leverage. What will he want to do with it? You gotta wonder…

There’s one other unforeseen consequence that could surface: That someone else saw the shooting happen, or there was some evidence left behind. Not all cops in this world are idiots, and Tariq is young and inexperienced. We can’t rule that sort of stuff out.

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How do you think that Jabari’s death will impact Power Book II: Ghost season 2?

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