The Blacklist season 8: Where is Liz? Is Megan Boone leaving?

The BlacklistWhere was Liz on tonight’s The Blacklist season 8? Is this some sort of sign that Megan Boone is leaving the show?

Let’s kick off this debate by mentioning this: We more than understand all of the questions. There are very few episodes where Boone is not featured, with most of them coming back in season 3 when the actress was on maternity leave. Her absence here was surprising, given that it felt like there was a whole lot of story to tell with her and Agnes on the run.

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So why not feature her here? It’s our feeling that the show wants to create more mystery around the character’s whereabouts and what she’s been up to in order to set up a more dramatic reveal. Tonight, she may have been able to use the title Blacklisters (“The Fribourg Confidence”) to steal one of Reddington’s hard drives, accumulate information, and then turn it over to the FBI. She didn’t seem to do any of it herself, but is using some of Reddington’s own money against him. Her end goal is simple: Killing Reddington once and for all. Hence, making sure that the Freelancer got out of prison so she could assign him the contract.

With all of this in mind, don’t take Liz’s absence as a sign Boone is leaving. There is zero evidence of that. She’s the co-lead of the series, and clearly there is a larger plan here. So much of the show is geared around her and Reddington’s collective journey; we know that there is a season 9 already, and we wouldn’t be shocked if the back-and-forth showdown between them lasts until we get around to that.

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What do you think the future holds for Liz, and Megan Boone, on The Blacklist?

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