‘New Girl’ season 2, episode 11 preview: Who gives Olivia Munn a lap dance?

Olivia Munn“New Girl” is celebrating Christmas on Tuesday night, and it is doing so in a way that only “New Girl” can: by having Schmidt, Nick, and Nick’s new girlfriend Angie (Olivia Munn) find a way to desecrate what was probably at one point a nice holiday party.

So how exactly did all of this madness start up? We really have no idea, but the clip below kicks off a hilarious scene by Nick asking Angie (who works as a stripper) to give him a second chance, and then starts to show off some of his moves for a lap dance while complete strangers watch them awkwardly. Angie then tries to show Nick how it is done, and starts up on a series of moves that you would certainly never seen Sloan do on “The Newsroom.” (As a matter of fact, she would probably faint at the mere mention of them.)

All of this is funny in its own right, but the master of taking things to the next level himself in Schmidt eventually enters the picture and starts up what we can only really describe as the weirdest lap dance of all time fueled by “eye contact.” This ends with him and Nick getting into one of the silliest fights ever, and with us completely on the floor. We’re not sure that there is a comedy on TV right now that does a better job of putting digestible clips of its episodes on the internet, or at least ones that have us in stitches quite like this.

Who do you think gives the best “performance” in the clip below: Angie, Nick, or Schmidt? That’s right … we want to hear from you! Also, you can refresh on Munn’s first appearance on “New Girl” over here.

Photo: Fox

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