Chicago PD season 8 episode 5: Is Burgess fostering Michaela?

Kim BurgessChicago PD season 8 episode 5 proved to be quite the pivotal hour for Kim Burgess, and for a number of different reasons. She needed to navigate her relationship further with Ruzek, and then there were also questions over Michaela.

Remember the young girl from a past case this season? Burgess quickly formed a bond with her, and it was clear during the episode tonight that the child was struggling. She had no one ready to care for her, and it was looking like she could potentially be put into the system. Michaela’s social worker seemed concerned that Kim was over-stepping at first, and then Kim offered to foster her on her own. That led to some other questions, including whether or not she was making this choice in the moment and if she was fully ready for it.

From the outside looking in, we think Kim is ready. She has a demanding job and there are issues that would need to be worked out, but she has the capacity to love and love deeply. After losing her baby last year, she may look at this as a way to heal a little bit. We still think that she and Adam have a future, as well, after everything that they’ve gone through.

Burgess later in the episode confided in Atwater, acknowledging the struggles she would face as a white cop raising a young, Black girl in Chicago. He reminded her that it was about what Michaela would need rather than what she would. If he could provide her with those needs, it could be the best move she could possibly make. A life-changing one, even.

In the closing minutes Burgess made the decision, and it is a big one: She will be fostering Michaela for the time being. It is still early and things are uncertain, but she’s willing to give this a shot. She wants to give this little girl the best possible life. There may still be stumbles, but we’re excited to see her take this on.

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