MacGyver season 5 episode 7 sneak peek: Mac’s got a secret…

MacGyverAre you ready for MacGyver season 5 episode 7? There’s a new episode on the air this coming Friday, and as it turns out, Mac’s got a big secret.

So what is it? Why in the world has Lucas Till’s character been hiding from the world? In the sneak peek below, Desi makes a huge discovery when she realizes that Mac’s “Thursday morning job” was actually a cover for something secret he’s been doing. She found it due to tailing him … and also utilizing a number of her other skills. (Quick note: Desi is probably the last person you want to keep a secret from. More than likely, she’ll find a way to figure it out and then be REALLY mad.)

Here’s the thing with Mac, though — it’s hard to stay mad at him when you hear what he’s been up to. He tells Desi that even before the death of his father, he had been looking into some experimental cancer treatments. Now, with the help of an angel investor, he’s got research going almost around the clock. His old friend Frankie, who you first saw seasons ago, is the one who is operating the day-to-day on this research lab.

Hearing this story is enough to defuse any conflict that Mac may have with Desi, but we still wonder why he chose to keep it a secret. Was it out of concern that he was stretching himself too thin? We do wonder with that.

Here is the bad news — per the official CBS synopsis for this episode, “culprits ransack the lab, kidnap Mac’s partner and plan to use the research to create a powerful new nerve agent.” In other words, all of this research may be for nothing. Let’s hope that Team Phoenix acts fast, and then finds a way to save the world once more.

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