‘The Bachelor’: Sean Lowe has ‘Twitter fight’ with fellow Emily Maynard contestant

Sean Lowe as "The Bachelor"Even though Sean Lowe is certain to see his star rise exponentially courtesy of his upcoming gig as “The Bachelor,” he does not appear to be letting the gig go to his head … at least when it comes to some of the fun that the man has had recently online.

In a new series of posts on his Twitter account, Lowe has been involved in some pretty funny back-in-forths with another former Emily Maynard contestant in Tony Pieper (who was also on season 3 of “Bachelor Pad” and was briefly engaged to Blakeley Jones), and if you take a response to a post about Tony sending Sean a text out of context here, it actually looks like the two could be having some sort of nasty fight:

“Blatant lie. You don’t even have my number. Is this how you gain followers? Does this make you cool by association? Pathetic.”

Sound harsh? Well, it’s really not. Sean was just having fun with Pieper and another former Emily contestant in Charlie Grogan, and it really just amounted to Tony trying to get Sean to admit that he is the “coolest guy” that he has ever met. It didn’t happen, but the three seemed to have a good laugh about it.

The only real thing of consequence to take out this here is something that we have tried to stress time and time again: even though Sean and some of these other contestants may be in competition for a woman’s heart on their reality TV shows, in reality they all have lasting friendships that they make from the experience. While there are exceptions to every rule, only one person gets the final rose at the end of the show; and even then, there’s no guarantee it will last (just look at Emily and Jef Holm).

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Photo: ABC

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