‘Gossip Girl’ series finale spoilers: First look at Katie Cassidy!

Katie CassidyEven though she may be currently lighting the screen up as Laurel on “Arrow,” Katie Cassidy is still known in part for her role on another landmark CW show in “Gossip Girl.” Luckily, we know that she is going to be turning up during the series finale, and the first photo of her individually back on set shows her in a rather distracted state.

This appearance by Cassidy’s Juliet is the first time that she has appeared since an arc in 2010, and it is still relatively unclear as to what is bringing her back. Does it have to do with a certain wedding involving two characters? At the moment, that is probably the best educated guess, since it would be logical for both her and for other people from the past (including Taylor Momsen and Connor Paolo’s characters) to turn up for this sort of special occasion … even if Little J is not exactly connected to either the bride or the groom. (The only other way to bring someone back is with a funeral, which is possible given that there is going to be a plane crash during the episode airing on Monday night.)

All we hope fro from these assorted guest appearances from past actors is that it gives longtime “Gossip Girl” fans to have a little bit more closure to a season that at times has been disappointing in between the Bart Bass storyline going on forever and what we have seen courtesy of Sage. Let’s hope it finds a way to end on a high rather than yet another low.

Who are you excited to see return to the show for the finale? If you want to read even more details on this mystery wedding, you can do so over here.

Photo: The CW

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