Your Honor episode 9 promo: Can Michael get his life back?

Your HonorAs we prepare for Your Honor episode 9 to arrive on Showtime next week, things are only going to get worse for Bryan Cranston’s Michael. He wants his old life back, but is there any way at all to make that happen?

At the end of tonight’s episode, we saw how far Michael was willing to go in order to influence Carlo’s trial — think along the lines of the presentation of evidence in court, and then also what happened with a particular juror. He promised her that justice would be served … but we don’t exactly think of the blackmail scheme as justice. It’s more of just his attempt at survival.

What we’ve picked up on throughout most of Your Honor is how much Michael values the idea of control. He’s lived so much of his recent life being able to rule over the world around him; when he can’t do that anymore, it all falls apart for him. This is probably, in part, why he continues to push as hard when it comes to Adam’s future. If he cannot control the courtroom, he at least wants to do what he can to ensure that his son gets a start at the rest of his life. Maybe it makes his sacrifice worth it.

In the promo for episode 9, you can see Michael strained further as he’s desperate to return to what he once had — yet, there are some new revelations teased. In the closing seconds, you can hear Michael beg to not have to do anything else … but will the parties involved really listen?

At this point, we won’t be shocked if the limited series ends with the destruction of Michael’s career. While sometimes powerful men are able to escape judgment and penalties, we’re not sure Your Honor is that sort of story. If he somehow does find a way to escape, our sentiment is that there are some other consequences that could come out of all this. Mentally, he absolutely won’t feel free — it feels impossible that there is a way out.

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What do you most want to see when it comes to Your Honor episode 9?

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