WandaVision episode 5 trailer: Unraveling the great sitcom mystery

WandaVisionWandaVision episode 5 is slated to premiere on Disney+ next week, and know already that there is a lot on the show’s plate. A LOT. Just think in terms of all of the different mysteries that need to be resolved at this point.

So what do we know as of right now? It goes a little something like this: Westview is seemingly a real place. This is not full Truman Show, as we had previously speculated on the topic. With that being said, this is a world where there are still some pretty-obvious question marks and mysteries. Take, for example, why the energy field first surfaced, and if there is anything that can facilitate the transition out of the world that Wanda and Vision are both collectively a part of.

Oh, and did we mention that the sitcom tradition is going to remain? The trailer below suggests that we could be moving forward to some of the zany family sitcoms of the nineties, plus also a single-camera format that is somewhat similar to Modern Family. Each episode remaining should feature an effort to break the two Avengers free, but also figure out precisely what is going on in the first place.

If we were to conjure up some big, crazy theory up here for the remainder of WandaVision, it is to both produce a satisfying end to this journey but then also set the stage for something big that is coming down the road for the MCU. As fantastic as this series may be, we can’t imagine it standing fully on its own. This is a world that loves to cultivate larger plans, and whatever/whoever may be responsible for this phenomenon may be looking to divide and conquer the Avengers. It makes more sense to do something like this than try the ever-so-dangerous task of taking on every single one of them at once.

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