‘The Amazing Race 21’ finale preview: Send in the hounds!

The Amazing Race 21 CastThe season finale of “The Amazing Race 21” is promising to be an exciting one, and based on the latest video that we have caught from the episode, we are going to see some of the craziest challenges the teams have seen yet over the course of the entire competition.

First, there is going to be some sort of classic stunt where competitors have to perform a crazy stunt that will push anyone’s fear of heights to new levels. If this was any other sort of show, this would probably be a little bit more entertaining. (However, this is something that we have seen on the show pretty much every season.)

In addition to that, we also may have quite possibly the craziest thing we have ever seen: a whole horde of hounds getting let outside of a gate. What in the world is this for, and how did they have so many similar pooches grouped up into one place? It’s at least different, and some of the best tasks on this show over the years have involved animals. (“My ox is broken!”)

Since Phil Keoghan has already said it in interviews, we have no problem spoiling that as you may have guessed, the final challenge this season revolves around messages passed along by the greeters at the end of every leg. If you are a huge “Amazing Race” fan, then this probably benefits you more than other people given that this is something you would know to be a little bit unusual in comparison to past seasons. However, we’re not sure that anyone left in the game is a diehard fan, and they may not even catch on to what is happening.

Who are you rooting for out of the remaining four teams? If you want to see where we have ranked them going into the finale, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: CBS

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