‘Homeland’ season 2, episode 11 preview: Carrie and Quinn face off

Claire DanesIt still does not look as though Carrie is going to be any wiser about who Quinn really is on Sunday night’s new “Homeland” season 2 episode; as a matter of fact, she is going to be taking him to talk about a rather different sort of subject.

As you can see in the preview video  below, Claire Danes’ character has her suspicions that somehow, Abu Nazir had help to escape from the area given that there was supposed to be a perimeter surrounding his local hideout. If this was the case, someone must have helped him … right? The problem Quinn has with these claims are that everyone was paired off prior to the search for Nazir, which would mean that there would have to be a pair of traitors in the midst of the group in order for these claims to be true. In addition to that, Quinn is running the whole operations and he clearly trusts himself.

What Carrie does not realize right now is something very simple (and also very dark): if Nazir is captured, then it means that a bullet goes in Brody’s brain. In many ways, it is ironic that the man she is trying to destroy is so closely tied to the life of a man who she has been desperately trying to save for much of the past two seasons. The only way it seems feasible at this point that Brody survives is if either Nazir gets away, or if Estes and Quinn both end up dying … and the latter seems incredibly unlikely.

Do you think Saul or anyone else is going to be able to clue anyone in this week? If you want to read more of what Morena Baccarin has to say about the relationship between Jess and Mike moving forward, be sure to click here.

Photo: Showtime, video via SpoilerTV

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