SEAL Team season 4 episode 6: Is Jason Hayes really quitting Bravo?

SEAL TeamWe’ll admit that entering SEAL Team season 4 episode 6, we did have a pretty good sense in our mind as to what was going to happen. We’d see Jason and the rest of Bravo rescue Ray, he’d be okay, and this would inspire the whole group to get back together.

For the first 50 minutes or so of the episode, most of this felt like it was happening — then, we got to Jason proclaiming that this was still his last dance. As the mission to save Ray wrapped, it still feels like David Boreanaz’s character is done with Bravo and this specific sort of field work.

There is one part of us that’s bummed by this, understandably — it doesn’t mean that David is leaving, but it does mean we could be waiting a while to see if Bravo ever becomes again what it once was. This is the more realistic outcome, though — SEAL Team clearly wants to make the decision Jason made after Mandy’s departure matter. He doesn’t want to jump back into the team right away — he needs to learn more of who he is away from the team. He hasn’t figured that out just yet.

Do we still think there’s a chance Jason comes back eventually? Sure, but it may have to be for a very specific reason. We don’t think it’s solely going to be because a team member is in danger — that’s more of a one-time instance than a permanent gig. He needs to work on himself, find a greater sense of inner peace, and make sure that he will not lose himself in the job. That’s not an altogether easy thing to do when you are traveling the world and battling threats.

If Jason does come back, we do think he will do so with a better sense than ever of how short-lived this all could be. He knows that he can’t last forever in Bravo; no one can. He may find other ways to contribute beyond it, but no matter what he decides for his future, we have to imagine he’ll be back around the team in due time.

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