The Challenge season 36 episode 8 spoilers: Playing in the mud

The ChallengeAre you curious to learn what’s next on The Challenge season 36 episode 8? With Jay’s elimination, there is one big question we’ve got: What happens with Theresa? She hasn’t exactly been well-received by some of her fellow competitors as of late. Also, she’s paired up with Cory — and almost every person paired with Cory has been eliminated.

These two are going to have a chance to prove themselves quickly — the competition is about to get muddy. Very muddy. The preview for what’s coming up next teased a showdown in the mud that will quickly get competitive … and also lead to some frustration after the fact.

(Wait, you’re telling us that someone has hurt feelings after a showdown on The Challenge? Color us shocked!)

So who is in the best spot now? Leroy has to be considered a big threat, coming off of his recent gold-skull victory. He and Kam both are not people you want to battle in the Crater! Yet, one of the big themes of this season has been big threats being targeted right away; the winner/winners could end up being those who are under the radar at the moment. One of the big things that you can do on The Challenge is perform well enough, not become a threat, and then set yourself up to get a gold skull at the perfect time. You can’t slide into the final, but you can work to ensure you’re not a primary target every step of the way. There’s a small handful of people playing like that right now, and there are others who feel like they’re just buying their time before getting thrown into or back into that Crater.

Oh, and we should note that it’s a bad idea to make any specific judgments about where people stand at the moment this season. There’s a lot of time left for allegiances to change…

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