Big Sky episode 6: Is Rick Legarski actually alive? The big reveal

Rick LegarskiEntering Big Sky episode 6 on ABC tonight, we were able to make the assumption that Rick Legarski was dead. In the end, it was an easy conclusion to draw. The guy was shot in the head? Who survives that?

Well, apparently Rick Legarski does. He somehow made it through the events of the winter finale, even though he wasn’t exactly in one piece or healthy. His condition was left up in the air at the hospital for most of the episode, and it didn’t feel at the moment like one of those quick visits where he’d recover all that soon. We almost felt like he could be there for episodes on end. His wife wasn’t all that interested in talking, even though she was very-much sympathetic for what happened to Cody. (How great was the memorial to that character tonight? It took long enough for the truck to be found, but it was nice that the producers took their time giving Cassie and Jenny closure.)

Clearly, Legarski being alive in this world is a bad, bad thing. He’s manipulative as they come, and despite him giving off a super-creepy vibe, he’s able to convince people that he’s a “good guy.” He’s clearly been doing it in this area for a long time. People got on board with his affable ways and they weren’t quite able to figure out that there was something underneath.

Based on the ending of tonight’s episode, the show is going to force you to wait for at least another episode in order to give you all of the answers. What we are personally left to wonder in the interim is this: Why keep Legarski alive? What’s the long-term plan for this character now? After what he did and being caught, it’s hard to imagine anyone is going to be letting him go off and be free somewhere else. At the end of the episode he did open his eyes … so at least the writers didn’t make us wait long on THAT part of the reveal.

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