FBI season 3 episode 6 return date: Prepare for ‘Uncovered’

FBIAfter many weeks of the air, it was a nice thrill to have two episodes of FBI season 3 air within the span of just two days. Ironically, we are now in a position where we have to wait another two weeks in order to see what’s next.

Following tonight’s new episode, CBS has opted to not schedule FBI season 3 episode 6 until we get around to Tuesday, February 9. Why do this? A lot of it is just a function of stretching the show out for as long as possible during this atypical broadcast season. Shows do not have anywhere near the same episode orders that they did in the past, so they have to make do — even if that means more repeats. With all of the restrictions and filming shutdowns, meanwhile, it’s also taking longer to get new episodes on the air. (Productions also started far later than usual.) This is why we all better be prepared for a lot of off-and-on scheduling from major networks for the immediate future.

So what else do we know about FBI season 3 episode 6? The title for it per CBS is “Uncovered” … not that this is the most informative one in the world. It does bring to mind the idea of a surprise, and that is certainly something that we always welcome within the world of this show. (Of course, we don’t want it to be a surprise in the form of some major character’s death or anything. Just an interesting reveal.)

For those wondering, we can already tell you that there is no new FBI episode on February 16. Basically, we’re in a place right now where we get a new episode every couple of weeks, at minimum — maybe that will change as we get closer to the end of the season, but it is where we are now.

What do you want to see on FBI season 3 episode 6?

Even if details are scarce right now, we’re excited to hear some of your speculation! We’ll, of course, have some other news the moment that it trickles in. (Photo: CBS.)

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