Is Morris Chestnut leaving The Resident, & is Barrett Cain dead?

Barrett CainAs we approached Tuesday night’s The Resident season 4 episode 3, it was easy to be worried about Barrett Cain’s fate. His life was on the line! We saw it in some of the promos, as his decision at the scene of a car accident led to him being in critical condition.

For the doctors of Chastain, there is clearly no hesitation to try and save Barrett’s life — even if he has been adversarial to them ever since his arrival. This is their duty, and some may still see a potential path towards redemption. The question still remains — will he survive? Is Morris Chestnut leaving the show?

Back when we first learned about the storyline entering tonight’s episode, our concern for Cain’s future was there. We originally thought that Barrett could’ve been devised as a one-season character, introduced as a part of the Red Rock storyline in season 3. Yet, that was extended after the global pandemic shut down work on that season early. Tonight, we could have our answer on some of these questions. We’ll be back throughout the episode with more updates, so we hope that you refresh this page for more!

If Chestnut does leave, we imagine there will be no shortage of offers for him elsewhere; remember that he’s been recently the lead/co-lead of two different shows in Rosewood and also The Enemy Within. The Resident was extremely lucky to have him cast in the first place.

Here’s your update… – The good news is that Barrett is not dead at the end of the episode. However, he’s also not exactly in good shape. His fate remains hanging in the balance after an operation went south. The doctors at Chastain are now left to see whether or not he wakes up. Morris isn’t leaving the show just yet, though! We just have to wait for the end result.

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What do you think is going to happen with Barrett Cain on The Resident season 4 episode 3?

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