The Good Doctor season 4 episode 8 video: Lea gives Shaun a warning


The Good DoctorThe Good Doctor season 4 episode 8 is right around the corner, and for Lea, “Parenting” is a cause of great anxiety. Her parents are in town, they seemingly want to meet Shaun, and she seems concerned that this entire ordeal could bring about some significant family chaos.

What’s surprising is that based on the sneak peek below, Shaun does not seem altogether fazed by any of this. We thought he would be far more worried when hearing the news, but he seems surprisingly at ease. Because Lea’s already warned him that her parents don’t like any of her boyfriends, expectations are fairly low to begin with. Also, he notes that the two of them are adults — why does it matter what her parents think?

What Shaun is not realizing in this conversation is that it’s never that simple. If Lea’s parents don’t like him, it’s probably not a deal-breaker. With that being said, it would make life for more difficult on her if they hated him and it’d put her in a near-constant state of being defensive. Their opinion clearly does matter, and Lea seems to be worried that it will eventually matter to Shaun. She’s clearly still worried about what Dr. Glassman thinks of her — she even mentions it at the end of the sneak peek! (For the record, we think Glassman will come around fully in time — most of his concerns stem from the events of the past couple of seasons, and also him being so protective of Shaun.)

While this particular storyline may not have that much to do with medicine, we’re on a personal level okay with that. While The Good Doctor is a show partly about medicine, it’s also one about people and relationships. Lea has been important to Shaun ever since season 1, and this episode marks an expansion of her world. We’ll learn a lot more about her, and because of that, we’ll get a chance to also learn more about Shaun.

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