The Blacklist season 8 episode 4: Is Elizabeth Keen really #1 on the list?

The BlacklistAs we prepare for The Blacklist season 8 episode 4, one of our key questions may be answered: Whether or not Elizabeth Keen is actually #1 on the list.

For a long time, we personally suspected that Liz would be #2 on the list. It made the most sense to us, after all, that Reddington himself would be #1, almost in the “I’m my own worst enemy” sort of sense. Yet, in some information on NBC’s press site, you can see that Liz is listed at #1. Does this solve one of the show’s more interesting mysteries? Maybe to us, though we say this as someone who probably cares more about the numbering of criminals on the Blacklist than most.

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One of the things we’ve also thought about extensively over time is who really is control of the numbers. It feels, based on the ending of this past episode, like a collaboration between Reddington and the Task Force. Reddington suggests to Cooper that they put Liz at the top of the list and clearly, he went along with it.

Could her number change later? It’s a curious thought, though there hasn’t been a lot of fluidity to these over the years. She is, at least for now, the most dangerous person to Reddington — hence, why he values her as so large of a threat. He won’t kill her; as a matter of fact, he’s done everything that he can to protect her. The worst thing that we could see him wanting to do to her is locking her away, but this is one of those things that he’d claim he is doing “in her best interest.” There has to be consequences to either his actions or hers eventually; we don’t see them just facing off the rest of the season without something serious happening.

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