‘Dexter’ season 7 finale spoilers: The confrontation cometh

DexterDo we have a new contender for “best elevator scene on ‘Dexter’ this season”? While we were not sure that anything would ever find a way to top Deb’s massive meltdown (complete with more uses of the f-bomb than we can really count), what is coming up for Dexter and LaGuerta during the finale a week from Sunday could prove to by another viable option.

As the photo below shows, our resident police captain looks none too pleased about being tapped in a shift with a man she genuinely believes at this point to be the Bay Harbor Butcher (that is, unless something somehow manages to change her mind moving forward). Despite a number of instances her for to cool it off, LaGuerta has thus far stuck to her guns; and while this is admirable in many ways, it also is a surefire way for her to guarantee landing herself in a massive world of hurt.

DexterWe’re guessing that this elevator ride is coming either before or after some sort of confrontation between the two characters. Dexter is about to find out in a very big way that LaGuerta has not let go of her investigation like Deb believed to be the case, but he will have that knowledge on Sunday night, when Matthews conducts a private interview with him to see if he can get out any information concerning him being the Butcher. (We’re guessing that this is not exactly going to be successful.)

What do you think not only about this photo, but also what it represents? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below!  If you want to see another photo from the “Dexter” season 7 finale, you can do so just by visiting the story over at the link here.

Photo: Showtime

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