Is Power Book II: Ghost new tonight on Starz? Season 2 trailer hopes

Power Book II: Ghost season 1

Is Power Book II: Ghost new tonight on Starz? It’s been weeks since we saw the last new episode, and questions aplenty remain. How is Tariq going to get out of murdering Jabari? What will his life look like without Tasha … provided that she is really gone?

Let’s go ahead and kick this article off with the bad news — Power Book II: Ghost is done for a good while. There is a season 2 on the way, but it’s going to be later this year at the earliest. Once there are more specifics floating around, we’ll pass them along your way.

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In the interim, let’s talk a bit about trailers. When Starz does give us a taste of Book II season 2 (maybe this summer during Power Book III: Raising Kanan), what should they be looking to amplify? What stories stand out the most? Let’s play Starz executive for a moment and figure out what they should spotlight.

Tariq’s operation at school – We gotta think that the CourseCorrect app isn’t going away. Let’s take a look at how it’s operating and expanding — and if more people are picking up on its secret…

The aftermath of Jabari’s death – Tariq is no idiot. He better have a good plan for how to deal with his professor’s sudden disappearance. Remember what he was up to investigating the death on campus?

Tariq’s role in Monet’s empire – There may be some out there who feel like Starz will hype up Tariq’s love life, and maybe they will. For us personally, we’d want to see more of the dynamic between him and ALL of the Tejada family rather than just Diana. Where are things at with him and Cane? Are they totally at odds?

Power cameos – If you want OG fans to be excited, let us see a glimpse of a Tate — or, make it clear if Saxe is going to be back. It feels like he will be thanks to Davis’ job offer, but who are those two going to represent now?

The absence of Tasha – We’re not saying that Naturi Naughton needs to be gone for good — we’d be bummed out by that. Yet, in order to make her exit have weight, the show needs to make her status in witness protect matter. Getting out of it too early is a total cop-out. The show doesn’t need that.

What do you think needs to be in a Power Book II: Ghost season 2?

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