Animal Kingdom season 5: What an official trailer could contain

Animal Kingdom season 3Recently, we had a chance to learn that Animal Kingdom season 5 will be premiering this summer — joyous news! It’s better than the revelation that season 6 will be the show’s last. It’s going to be hard to wrap our head around that, but this article isn’t about hitting that point home and making us all collectively sad.

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Instead, we’re diving more into the idea of a future trailer. There is going to be one coming presumably in the spring, so what could it contain? How could TNT hype up one of their higher-profile shows? There are a lot of possibilities and rest assured, we’re psyched to dive into them. There are no spoilers here … only possibilities, as cheesy as that sounds.

Heists – This goes without saying. It’s a huge part of the fundamental DNA of this series — without crime, who would the Codys be at this point?

What’s going on with Angela? – Things have been relatively quiet when it comes to the future of Emily Deschanel on the series. We know that J, Craig, Pope, and Deran are all going to have big roles; we have questions about Angela and many others.

A fight for leadership – In general, it feels like this is going to be an enormous part of the upcoming season. There could almost be a Game of Thrones vibe here as we watch some of these characters all jostle for leadership of Smurf’s criminal empire.

New adversaries – Who are the Codys up against? It can’t just be some unimportant cops or someone without their fair share of charisma. They’ve caused so much trouble that they gotta be on the radar of some higher-ups.

Smurf flashbacks? – We’re not sure if this will be there or not, though we know that they will continue to be a part of the series. From our vantage point, a lot of this comes down to whether or not producers want to give viewers this reminder. Putting them in could interrupt the flow of everything else.

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What do you want in an Animal Kingdom season 5 trailer?

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