Blue Bloods season 11 episode 5: Frank, Henry’s secret, and regrets

Blue Bloods season 11

It is not that often we are presented with a big Henry Reagan story on Blue Bloods. Because of that, we celebrate the opportunity when it comes up.

What made the central storyline of “Spilling Secrets” so interesting to us was simply the latter: The secrets. There was something that Henry did not want anyone to know about: Payments. He was making them to someone and wouldn’t explain why, no matter how many times Frank questioned him. It was enough to make Tom Selleck’s character turn to his advisers to share some of their experiences.

The success of this story came about mostly through its humanity. These are two men who communicate in their own way — they may be related, but they’re not the same. All Frank wanted was to be clued in; meanwhile, all Henry wanted was the ability to go about his business.

So where did things eventually intersect? In the best way that they could: Through communication and finding some middle ground. Henry’s actions were ones born out of regret. It was all based on what he did so many years ago on the job. This was a way for him to try and make things right. If there is one thing Frank does recognize, it’s that feeling. He’s had it, but Henry has to act on it. He can’t keep it in a box.

In thinking about this situation, Frank decided to take a look at regret within his own life — including with his own inner circle. He regretted not showing Baker, Gormley, and Garrett the respect they deserved, and also indicated to them that if they wanted to leave, he would give them a full recommendation. None of them, luckily, wanted to go — allowing us a powerful moment to close this story off. Frank wanted to ensure that they weren’t staying there on account of them. There needed to be no regrets all away around.

Are Frank and Henry fully at peace with their regrets? We wouldn’t say that; yet, they can move forward a little bit stronger.

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This article was written by Jessica Carter.

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