The Blacklist season 8 episode 3 spoilers: Final ’16 Ounces’ expectations

The BlacklistWe’ve waited and waited for The Blacklist season 8 episode 3 to arrive on NBC. Now, the wait is almost over. “16 Ounces” airs tonight on the network, and we can’t begin to tell you how high the stakes now are.

Elizabeth Keen wants revenge. That much is clear entering this particular hour. She saw her mother killed right in front of her, or at least so it seemed. (Who knows with this show…) You have to imagine that this is the sort of thing that leaves an impact, no? What she does in the aftermath of this could alter the show forever … provided she sticks around to engage in any further chaos.

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Judging from a new sneak peek over at Entertainment Tonight, it does appear as though Liz is considering a more out-of-left-field option: Departing this world altogether. She informs Reddington that she’s told the Task Force of her imminent exit. She plans to take Agnes and get the heck out of there … or at least so she says.

Yet, Reddington tells her the two should meet first, at a lake close to Dom’s house where his ashes are being scattered. (After hearing this, we wondered if “16 Ounces” were the weight of Dom’s ashes, but for the average person, cremated remains tend to be around five pounds.) He also tells Liz that what she saw with him killing Katarina is not exactly what she thinks that she saw. Can he convince her to stay? Clearly, he seems to believe so — from our vantage point, it all comes down to the truth.

There are only two ways in our mind that Reddington can justify the murder of Katarina — either that wasn’t Katarina at all, or she had an ulterior motive that could prove deadly to Liz. We want to believe he’ll finally clue her in … but he never has before, and stakes have been high before. What will fundamentally make now so different? Maybe Katarina isn’t really dead, but how many times can the show pull that stunt?

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