Jersey Shore Family Vacation season 4 episode 10: JWoww & Angelina…

Is Angelina stayingThere isn’t too much that we need to say to hype up Jersey Shore Family Vacation season 4 episode 10. Just mention the reunion.

After being apart ever since the biggest wedding disaster in Shore history, JWoww and Angelina are about to be in the same room. Jenni was just cleared to travel and with that, she is on her way to Las Vegas. This is going to be messy. The contentious relationship between the two is very well-documented, but what’s interesting is that this feels like much more of a collision course than what we saw with Angelina and Deena. With these two, there was a lot of tip-toeing around and wondering whether or not they’d ever hang out. That hatchet is buried … for now.

So can it be with JWoww and Angelina, as well? Let’s just say that we’re less than optimistic. Their relationship always had underlying tension, long before speech-gate ever happened. The metaphorical pot of water was on low before the wedding; it’s been boiling ever since. There are other people around to help cool the two off … you have to hope that it happens. Otherwise, the rest of the season is going to be a fiery hot mess with shouting and/or tears at every turn. (Maybe that won’t be the worst thing in the world to some of you out there.)

While there is a large chance for intense drama with these two coming face-to-face, here is a small sliver of hope: Think about the surrounding world. One of the things Angelina and Deena both mentioned tonight was how the pandemic put things in greater perspective. They came to realize quite quickly that there are more important things going on. They could stew in the anger of a wedding speech, or try to move forward and not make things awkward. Even if Jenni and Angelina are never BFFs (hard to see that), there is a road towards civility.

What do you think is coming on Jersey Shore Family Vacation season 4 episode 10?

Is there any hope at all at a reconciliation post-wedding? Share right now in the comments. (Photo: MTV.)

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