Mom season 8 episode 7 return date, spoilers for what lies ahead

MomAre you hungry to learn the Mom season 8 episode 7 return date after what we saw tonight? If you weren’t, we’d be a little concerned! This show is a perfect slice of escapism in times like these, and we know that it’s been rough for people waiting so long to see it back on TV. Getting more episodes soon is paramount to our viewing enjoyment.

Well … let’s just say we wish there was good news to pass down now. Here’s where we are: There is no new episode of Mom next week. Also, there’s no episode the week after. For some reason, CBS is making you wait until Thursday, February 11 to see “S’mores and a Sadness Cocoon.” What gives? It may be tied to the pandemic shutting down production as of late, and the network getting a little conservative with their programming. They want to make sure they’ve got good stuff at the ready for February sweeps, the time that matters the most for them when it comes to advertising dollars.

So yea … it’s going to be a wait. Hopefully, the synopsis below for episode 7 will help tide you over:

“S’mores and a Sadness Cocoon” – Bonnie is upset when Adam makes a big ticket purchase without consulting her. Also, Jill has an unexpected reaction when her dentist retires, on MOM, Thursday, Feb. 11 (9:01-9:30 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

The Bonnie storyline has to qualify for one of the most relatable out there. Who hasn’t been in this position before? It feels universal when someone close to you makes a splurge and you didn’t know about it … and you sure wish you did. Don’t you think Bonnie is going to be feeling a certain way?

As for Jill, we just gotta say this: Any normal person would have a reaction when their doctor or dentist retires. We’re not saying it’s the same reaction that she is going to have, but it is a reaction nonetheless.

What do you think about these Mom season 8 episode 7 details?

Are you bummed out to be waiting so long? Be sure to let us know in the comments! (Photo: CBS.)

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