MacGyver season 5 episode 6 sneak peek: Quarantine chaos

MacGyverMacGyver season 5 episode 6 is right around the corner. It airs tomorrow night on CBS! This episode is set early on in the pandemic, and the latest sneak peek serves to answer one simple question: How do Mac, Riley, and Bozer handle being quarantined and locked away from the world?

We gotta say: The results of this are very-much entertaining from the outside looking in. Remember when there was a panic over essential supplies like toilet paper? A fight nearly breaks out between Riley and Bozer when some gets delivered to their house. Once it’s there, though, it can’t even be used until Bozer puts it through the proper sanitation process. Meanwhile, Mac suggests a MacGyver solution to traditional toilet paper … though it’s probably not what you would want to hear. (Hey, sometimes practical solutions to problems aren’t always comfortable.)

Oh, and did we mention in the process of quarantine Mac seems to be writing some sort of anthem to Dr. Anthony Fauci? Maybe this is the closest thing (for now) we’re getting to a MacGyver musical episode, though we gotta say that we’re all for it. Remember that Justin Hires is an accomplished rapper! We could see the cast and crew working it out.

As fun as some of these scenes are, remember that MacGyver tomorrow isn’t going to be all quarantine quibbles. Some drama is going to come out of an unlikely place, and it will cause these three aforementioned characters to all get creative while keeping themselves safe.

It’s been a conscious decision by the writers to by and large set the season in a post-pandemic world; yet, they may have just wanted to do a single episode to address how Mac and the team made it through. While the subject matter of the virus is serious, MacGyver is still MacGyver — the style and the feel of this episode should be very much the same.

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