Is Station 19 new tonight on ABC? Season 4 filming update

Station 19Is Station 19 new tonight on ABC? We’re at a time now in which a lot of shows are coming back from their winter break. Obviously, we’d love for the firefighter show and Grey’s Anatomy spin-off to be one of them. Think in terms of the big cliffhanger, and the sense of drama and high stakes that will spawn from that. (We especially mean that, of course, for Miller and Sullivan.) We need resolution!

Now is where we drop the hammer of bad news: There is no new Station 19 episode on the air tonight. The same goes for next week, as well. We’re still waiting until March, and while we’ve hoped that ABC would shine down from the TV heavens and move up the return date, that hasn’t happened yet.

Is there some sort of silver lining we can present here? We suppose so, at least in the form of a filming update. For those who didn’t know, cameras are rolling once more in the Los Angeles area! Like several other network TV shows, Station 19 stayed on its holiday hiatus longer amidst a deadly surge in virus cases. They have since come back, and are using extensive health and safety protocols to ensure everyone remains okay on set. While we’ve seen a small number of temporary shutdowns across the industry, by and large the regulations have proven successful in allowing casts and crews to do their jobs, albeit more socially-distant than in the past.

So when will filming translate to us actually getting substantial Station 19 updates? Probably next month. There is no reason to rush things along before that, since ABC shouldn’t want to waste a lot of their promotional budget on a show that is still more than a month away. When Station 19 does come back, we expect more of what we love: Intensity, great characters, and reasons to scream at the TV. There’s no reason to think otherwise.

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What are you hoping to check out when Station 19 season 4 returns to the air?

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