Magnum PI season 3 episode 6 sneak peek: Magnum’s money troubles

Magnum PIMagnum PI season 3 episode 6 is going to waste no time hitting you with a reminder: Magnum has a clear weakness at his job. It’s the whole making-money part of it. Is he good at saving lives and solving problems? Sure, but things are a little more tricky when it comes to getting his fee after the fact.

Most of the time, Magnum’s financial difficulties are a good source for comedic fodder. It’s probably a little less funny for the characters in this world. In the first sneak peek below, you see a frustrated Higgins after learning that Magnum let the Ferrari run out of gas — again. He doesn’t pay attention and his “backup plan” is a small jug that he can fill if need be. All of this is a problem; a bigger problem is when the Ferrari gets towed after he parks it in an illegal spot. He “never saw a tow truck on the West side.” First time for everything … right?

So yea — he’s going to need to do more than just pay for gasoline in this instance.

This isn’t Thomas’ only problem — in the second sneak peek we have, it’s revealed that Rick and TC’s biggest financial loss at the bar comes courtesy of Magnum’s tab. We get it — when you’re at your friends’ bar, you expect to get a sweet deal on some drinks. There’s a difference, however, between scoring a sweet deal and drinking away their profits. This feels like more of the latter. Magnum promises to pay the two back, but how is he gonna do that?

Well as it turns out, Magnum and Higgins are getting a wealth client in this episode who wants their help with a ransom situation. The new problem, as advertised in the promo here, is that this job is not going to go according to plan. Because of this, Magnum may have to look for money elsewhere by the time all of this is over.

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