Legacies season 3 premiere video: The struggle to bring Landon back

LegaciesWe’ve waited long enough for the Legacies season 3 premiere to air on The CW. It will be here in a matter of hours!

It’s worth repeating that Hope’s return is a foregone conclusion. This series revolves mostly around her, so there’s no point in imagining Danielle Rose Russell disappearing into thin air. The questions around Landon, meanwhile, are a little more interesting. We don’t think he will be gone for good, but is he refusing to come back into the realm of living? The sneak peek below suggests this, and it’s tied to a certain someone in the Necromaster with all of his kooky demands.

What does the Necromaster want? Dark magic. That’s why he wants Landon back — it’s a means of transference. If there was ever a devil’s bargain present within the world of Legacies, this is the guy front and center for it. It’s what leads us to ponder over the following: Is there a way for Landon to return without giving Mr. Necromancer a helping hand? What sort of role could Rafael or Alaric have in it? (A lot of questions, we know.)

Let’s talk big picture for a moment — regardless of what happens with Landon, can we agree that the Necromancer isn’t exactly the most chilling adversary in the world? It’s a cool makeup job, but in between this and the Malivore plotline, Legacies still needs to patch up their roster of villains. It’s the one thing that can take things to the next level! Maybe we’ll get there later this season — remember, after all, that we’re still in the midst of scripts designed to be a part of season 2.

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How do you think Landon comes back — or, in the biggest surprise of all, do you think that he’s not going to? Share right now in the comments, and also come back later to get some more news all about episode 2. (Photo: The CW.)

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