Legacies season 3 premiere spoilers: How do you save Hope?

LegaciesAs we preview Thursday’s Legacies season 3 premiere, let’s start with something super-obvious: Hope is far from gone. We mean that metaphorically, and of course literally when talking about the character played by Danielle Rose Russell. She and Landon both found themselves in stasis at the end of the season 2 finale — it’s ironic that this was not written to be the finale since it works as one of the craziest cliffhangers of all time. It put the writers in a place where they had to navigate the narrative gymnastics of keeping Hope around, while also having her return feel plausible. Yes, anything is technically feasible in the world of Legacies — Hope and Landon could wake up with a reverse-Thanos snap of a finger — but it can’t feel cheap.

So how are the producers steering this ship? It’s clearly been on their mind over the past year (parts of this premiere were written forever ago), and they have no intention of faking people out by making them think Russell is leaving. For more on that, take a look at executive producer Brett Matthews’ comments to TV Insider:

[Bringing Hope back] really is the problem of the first episode. It’ll be a challenge, but the show doesn’t exist without Hope. She will wake up and rejoin the squad, but what does the world look like on the other side of her doing that and what problems do they face? The Super Squad is down their leader, and that really is the plot of the episode: to see some of our supporting actors get to take center stage in an effort to resolve a problem without their star player.

As for the Landon storyline, that’s a separate issue altogether — there’s less commentary on it, but it’d still feel kinda sudden to send him off now. This show has too many good characters to lose one of them now, especially with the Hope-and-Landon journey having so many separate paths ahead. Just cross your fingers and hope for a miracle there … or something that is downright crazy.

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