Is SEAL Team new tonight on CBS? Season 4 episode 6 details

SEAL TeamIs SEAL Team new tonight on CBS? From the moment you saw Ray Perry on the boat last week, you had to want answers right away. This story arc is an emotional rollercoaster of peaks, valleys, and probably a few moments where you’ve audibly screamed.

At the moment, though, we’re officially at that part of the rollercoaster where you’re slowing down and waiting for the next incline. Because of inauguration coverage there is no new episode on the air tonight — it’s an understandable reason, no doubt, but that’s not going to stop the thirst for more! The fact that the January 27 episode is entitled “Horror Has a Face” only ups the anticipation. There’s no telling if this is going to be the end of Ray’s terrifying ride, or if there is another big dramatic drop-off coming down the road. We just have to take things one stunning moment at a time as we try to avoid panicking and/or thinking that the character could be killed off.

Season 4 episode 6 will begin with Ray still on that boat, where he records what he may think is his final message (check out the promo over here for more on that). He’s desperate, devastated, and while he may still have hope, it’s slipping. It’s going to be up to his Bravo brothers to find him, which isn’t going to be easy given his location. Could Davis be the one to save the day? Will we ever have a chance to breathe out a sigh of relief? We can’t give you the answers to these things now … but soon. Very soon.

While you wait, there are a couple of goodies we can give you to add to the excitement. Let’s start with the synopsis:

“Horror Has a Face” – As Ensign Davis tracks Ray’s location to a shipping container in the Mediterranean Ocean, Bravo team becomes increasingly desperate to rescue their brother before it’s too late, on SEAL TEAM, Wednesday, Jan. 27 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Meanwhile, the photo above shows Jason Hayes feeling about how anyone would feel in his position. He’s determined, but terrified. Everyone is looking for relief, and whenever this story arc concludes, we’re looking for a reunion. Can Bravo just get back together already?

What do you think is going to happen to Ray on SEAL Team season 4 episode 6?

Do you think he makes it through? Let us know in the comments, and stick around — more news is coming throughout the week on this upcoming episode. (Photo: CBS.)

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