Dexter revival: Is season 9 revivial / limited series really going to be it?

WhatIf you missed the news, Dexter is coming back to Showtime — at least as a one-time batch of episodes to make up for the original finale.

Is this exciting news? Absolutely! The end of season 8 is widely regarded as one of the worst series finales in existence, and moving forward now there is a chance to see if the cast and crew can get a little redemption. How they do that, though, remains somewhat of a mystery. The new version of the show features Michael C. Hall alongside a number of new faces — it’s possible that some old favorites return, but Showtime is keeping their cards close to the vest for now.

What we’re left to wonder at the moment is simply this: Should we expect season 9 to be it? Is there hope for another revival beyond it? While we wouldn’t rule anything out, it feels for now like they plan is to label this a limited series — so much so that some affiliated with the show are shying away from labeling it a season 9 in the first place. It doesn’t have the same DNA as the other seasons, so establishing it in the canon as one and the same could be confounding.

To us, semantics aren’t what matters here — it’s more about the story and getting closure on Dexter Morgan’s story. Luckily, that does feel like something that Michael C. Hall is very-much interested in. Just take a look at what he had to say on the subject to ET Canada recently:

“I’ve never returned to anything in this way, after this much time, and acting as if all the time that’s passed has in fact passed for the character and they just turn the cameras back on, it’s gonna be wild [to do it] … There’s definitely a desire to give the show, give the character, an ending that’s a little less confounding [to viewers].”

So will the new ending satisfy? That’s what we have to wait and find out — if nothing else, we’re curious as to whether or not this could launch a spin-off or some other property.

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Are you fine with the Dexter season 9 revival being a one-and-done experience?

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