Magnum PI season 3 episode 5: Did Magnum come to terms with Ethan?

Magnum PIMagnum PI season 3 episode 5 was an installment that more or less had anything from start to finish. It was in some ways a bottle episode, with almost the entirety of the hour taking place in the bar. There was a hurricane on the outside, armed gunmen storming in, and all sorts of emotional tension.

Take, for example, Thomas Magnum having to come to terms with Ethan’s presence in his life. Magnum was struggling with Higgins’ boyfriend being around a lot, and that started to manifest in his attitude towards him. Luckily, he was at least able to recognize over the course of the hour some of his problem: Jealousy. He wasn’t used to having to split time with Juliet and because of that, he put himself in a position where he wouldn’t give Ethan all that much of a chance.

Once he came to this realization, though, he was able to address it — which is probably a good thing since by the end of the episode, he and Higgins had to work together to ensure that Ethan didn’t die of a gunshot wound. It was a real instance of the tables being turned for the two.

Do we think that Magnum and Ethan are going to be the best of friends in the near future? Probably not, but the two at least came to a good understand and they can coexist. That’s a good thing, given that Higgins said that the relationship between her and Ethan could turn serious down the road.

As for the gunmen, we saw some last-minute heroics from Booky (hooray for original star Roger E. Mosley), who helped to allow Magnum, Higgins, and the rest of the group get the upper hand. There was some other drama with Rick not telling TC about the insurance lapsing on the bar — it was the secret part that was frustrating for TC than anything else.

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