‘Elementary’ season 1, episode 9 review: Watson helps her ex-boyfriend out of a jam


On tonight’s episode of “Elementary” Holmes is sick and although Watson tries to convince him to stay home, drink tea and sleep off his fever, when a call about a dead professor comes in he can’t help himself and has to be part of the case. Is a sick Holmes just as effective as a healthy Holmes? Seems that although his illness has some effect on his deductive skills, he’s still pretty on the ball with most things.

While investigating the case, Watson receives a call from her ex, Liam, and asks Holmes if she takes off for a bit to meet with him. Holmes says no problem and promises to keep in touch as more information becomes available about the case.  Watson meets up with Liam at the jail house and he asks her for help.  He tells her that he was using again and that he’s in jail because he is being accused of hitting a woman with his car, but he assures Watson that it wasn’t him and that someone else must’ve taken his keys.  He wants her to put in a good word at the DA’s office, and she tells him she won’t do it.

When Holmes meets up with Watson he asks if he can help with Liam, and she says no.  He asks what happened and she tells him about Liam’s hit and run.  Holmes asks if Liam is innocent and she tells him that she doesn’t believe he is because he started using again right before the accident happened. Even though she told Holmes to keep his nose out of it, he gathers Liam’s file to give her a chance to really look at all the evidence and make an educated decision about his innocence.

Watson decides to look through the file and after looking at pictures of Liam’s car she thinks that he should’ve been more banged up then he was driving that car when it crashed.  Holmes confronts her about sleeping with Liam, asking how long into her being his sober companion did she start having a relationship with him and she refuses to acknowledge the question. She brings the photos of the car crash to Liam and asks him to look for anything out of the ordinary, and he says that the key chain she gave him for Christmas one year is missing from the car. Watson hunts down the pawn shop that the kid that stole Liam’s car sold the key chain to and Liam will be set free.

Watson tells Holmes that she was in a relationship with Liam before he was ever using, and that the drug use came later. She tried to put together an intervention, but it never ended up working so they eventually broke up. Liam tells Watson that he wants to try and get clean again for her and she suggests a place for him to go, but says that she isn’t willing to give them another try, even if he gets sober. Later, Watson waits for Liam at the rehab clinic she suggested and Holmes meets her there, saying that he wants to “meet the ex”, but really he’s there to support her.

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Photo: CBS

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