Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist: Where is Joan? Is Lauren Graham leaving?

Lauren GrahamAre you watching Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist tonight and wondering about the whereabouts of one particular character in Joan? Then go ahead and let this article be your guide.

In the event that you did not see the premiere episode last week, in it we saw the show reveal that Joan is taking off to a new position in Singapore. With that, Lauren Graham is no longer an active part of the series. Joan may still have an off-screen presence in some form, but she won’t be a focus in the same exact way.

Just in case you didn’t know the particulars behind the actress’ exit, it was not something planned in the way in which it came to pass. Originally, Graham was poised to be around longer in the Zoey’s world, but that changed due to the pandemic. The filming schedule for this show alongside her Mighty Ducks reboot over at Disney+ made it so that it was impossible for her to play Joan for very long; with that in mind, we’re rather pleased that we got some element of closure here at all. The schedules could’ve rendered that impossible and then we wouldn’t have any explanation that came from Joan herself.

As for whether or not Graham could return down the road, we certainly still think it’s possible. We compare the situation slightly to Supergirl and Calista Flockhart, where it’s still possible that she could come back as Cat Grant at any point. It mostly comes down to actor availability, coupled with whether or not the right story is out there. You don’t want to bring someone of Lauren’s caliber back just for the sake of bringing her back. You want to ensure there is a fantastic narrative that allows her to sink her teeth into some awesome stuff.

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Do you miss Joan on Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist now that she is gone?

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