‘Homeland’ season 2 finale spoilers: Why is Carrie smiling?

HomelandA week from Sunday, “Homeland” season 2 will be coming to a close, and we are sure for some fans this is probably still not enough time to digest just what has happened as of late (in particular a certain polarizing episode that still has many fans splitting hairs).

We still starts things off, though, with a bit of a defense over Sunday night’s controversial “Broken Hearts.” Was it somewhat implausible if you think about it? Sure, but who are we as normal television viewers to say about how CIA operatives, double agents, or Congressman should operate? We also think that we are open to a little bit more sensationalism than other TV viewers, which is why some other recent TV twists (“The Newsroom” finding ways to constantly win, Deb loving Dexter Morgan) did not bother us as much as some other people. If we wanted a dose of real life watching TV, we would just go and try to live real life.

We don’t think that “Homeland” is going to do any backtracking following the twist last week; so if you didn’t like how Brody was able to get in to the Vice-President’s office and rig his pacemaker, tough luck. Regardless of what happens during the finale, the first promotional photo released from Showtime tells us one thing: Carrie is in a rather good mood. She has a huge smile planted on her face while helping Saul strap on a tie, and it is not often these days where we see Claire Danes’ character doing anything other than freaking out with her life (or Brody’s life) on the line.

Could Abu Nazir finally be in custody?c Hopefully, we will have an answer to that on Sunday night, that way the finale could be focused more on trying to plot a course for the future; which, sad as it makes us to say, should not involve Brody. The more this guy is round, the harder it will be to believe that he is still in the thick of things.

If you want to watch a new video explanation of this most-recent “Homeland” season 2 episode, you can do so over here.

Photo: Showtime

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